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FEBRUARY 14, 2021

*WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 is the first day of tutoring for Spring 2021.* We will add many more appointments in the days to come! 

The Writing Center offers free writing help to all Binghamton University students by trained tutors. We currently offer synchronous (real-time) online tutoring, including some evening and drop-in appointments. We will be open for tutoring the second week of classes in Spring 2021: come see us soon! 

  • Create an account if this is your first visit, or update your profile if you haven't been here this semester. If you'd like to get on the waiting list, enter your cell phone number and carrier when prompted to do so. 
  • Select an appointment that suits your schedule. Keep track of it; you're busy, and our tutors are, too! Repeated no-shows or repeatedly failing to cancel with adequate notice will result in disabling of client accounts. 
  • Fill out the intake form to help you and your tutor make the most of your time together. 
  • Since appointments are no longer than 45 minutes, prioritize your concerns. You'll have a chance to do this with your tutor, too. 
  • You can upload a file, but your tutor may not have a chance to read it ahead of time. 
  • To meet with your tutor, a few minutes before your appointment, sign in again on WCOnline, click on your appointment, and follow the directions.  
  • You can import a variety of file types, or a google doc link (sharing permission with your tutor), or you can cut and paste your document onto the whiteboard once you're inside your appointment. Your tutor will help you to save and export your revised document. 
  • No appointments open on the day you're looking for? You can get on the waiting list by clicking the notice on the bottom right-hand side. If you've shared your cell phone number with us in your profile (which you can update anytime), you'll get a text notifying you that an appointment's become available. 
  • COMING SOON: To take a Drop-In appointment (the grayed-out boxes on the schedule), sign up for it 15 minutes before the start of the appointment (since it's first-come, first-served). Appointments will not be held, so please be on time! Regardless of what time the client starts the drop-in appointment, tutors are obliged to work with clients only until the end of their scheduled shift. 
  • Happy writing! We look forward to seeing you soon. 

FEBRUARY 14, 2021

The Writing Center is now accepting tutoring applications for Fall 2021Earn practicum credits while gaining experience in one-on-one writing instruction. If you're considering graduate school or think experience in tutoring and academic coursework in Writing Center pedagogy might be beneficial to you, we encourage you to apply. The application process is competitive; applicants selected will be enrolled in WRIT 491: Practicum in College Writing Tutoring (you cannot enroll yourself since you must undergo an interview to be accepted. Returning tutors (those who've completed WRIT 491 and are tutoring for a second or subsequent semester) are paid. To download the tutor application, visit: Questions? Contact Writing Center Director Wendy Stewart (

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